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Clinical Pilates is a series of gentle muscle strengthening exercises formulated to improve muscle control, flexibility, coordination and balance as well as alignment and breathing.

Clinical Pilates was first developed by physiotherapists and is an adaptation of traditional pilates. The basic ideas of traditional pilates were built on to help devise a program suitable for each individual to help with rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. The main difference between Clinical Pilates and standard pilates is that in Clinical Pilates each client undertakes individual assessments conducted by a trained physiotherapist who then develops an exercise program specifically targeting their problem areas.

We use equipment such as reformers and trapeze tables to facilitate activation of the “core” muscles. The emphasis is on control of muscles rather than strength. The physiotherapist will be able teach you the correct techniques for each individual exercise as well as grading the exercises. Some modification of exercises may be made to suit individual needs, as each person’s body and conditions are different. Clinical Pilates can also assist with sports injuries, optimising performance and pregnancy. Synergy Health Physiotherapy and Pilates offers individual and group sessions.

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