The running assessment is an opportunity to look at your personal running technique in the context of any injuries, limitations and goals. During the 30 minutes session, starting from the clinic, we jog/run at your pace through the City Botanic Gardens and back. While warming up and settling into a rhythm, we analyse your gait (running technique) and observe any changes through the session as you start to fatigue. Then we teach you about the ideal patterns and techniques for your sport/event/injury and prescribe drills for warm ups, mid-run and cool downs as well as specific exercises to help you improve your technique.

  • One-on-one:

    • at your own pace

    • specific and individualised program

  • 30 minute session

    • Outdoors and in a natural running environment (city botanic gardens)

  • Context of YOUR previous injuries and future injury prevention

  • Individual analysis of whole-body biomechanics

    • Including core stability, cadence, stride length, foot placement

    • Correction of compensatory motor (movement) patterns due to weakness/fatigue

  • Provides a platform to return to activity in a controlled and supervised environment

  • Goal oriented

    • Rehabilitation – return to your usual activity without pain or increased risk of injury

    • Performance – improve speed/strength/endurance and move more efficiently

  • You don’t have to be a “runner”

    • Applicable to non-athletes who want to move without pain

    • Great if you’re just starting out or interested in getting into running

  • Runners (and ALL athletes)

    • Focus on efficiency and effortless techniques for your sport/event

    • Improve performance (speed/endurance) without spending more energy

    • Safely increase distance and/or improve P.B. time

  • Core strength and Pilates techniques while running

  • Options to complete as a one off or as an ongoing program


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