Acute Knee Injuries

Acute knee injuries can be caused by sport, recreational or work activities, motor vehicle accidents, falls or trauma from repetitive activity with poor body mechanics. These injuries commonly cause concerns which may include, but are not limited to, ligament sprains, muscles tears/strains, bursitis, meniscus tears, or knee cap dislocation/subluxations. This acute injury progresses into an inflammatory response which can include excessive swelling, bruising and pain with mobility. If you are unable to weight bear on your leg, you should seek medical attention immediately. Following a significant injury, your knee is left vulnerable during daily activities and is at high risk for damage if not treated carefully.


Our physiotherapists at Synergy are equipped to work with acute knee injuries. They will assess your knee for specific muscle, ligament or other soft tissue damage to determine any need for further assessment. If damage appears mild to moderate, research shows that physiotherapy can be helpful in your recovery! Treatment will begin by getting the inflammatory phase under control with the use of hands on techniques and modalities as well as a simple home exercise program for pain free mobility.  Our therapists will educate you on your healing process and work with you to develop a specific rehabilitation plan to progress you back into your pain free lifestyle. Treatment will target increased blood flow to encourage the healing process with progression to a strengthening program as tolerated. As appropriate, our physiotherapist will train you in return to sport, recreational or work activities with special attention to your body mechanics and muscle imbalances to prevent re-injury.