Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain can be caused by a number of different variables. If your pain has no specific cause for injury, than it can be caused by muscle imbalances, nerve compression, joint stiffness or instability. These imbalances may occur due to wrong arch/shoe supports or repetitive activity performed with poor body mechanics. At times, this pain can be referred from the knee, hip or lumbar spine or due to an old injury with development of wear and tear.

Physiotherapists at Synergy are trained to assess your pain and help you determine what sort of biomechanical issues are causing those structures to be vulnerable. It is important to evaluate your foot and leg postures barefoot and with your normal shoes during your usual activities, may that be walking, running, strengthen training and/or sport, etc. Orthotics or bracing may be recommended depending on our findings. Treatments will likely include, but not limited to, strengthening and stretching programs as well as ergonomic training for lower body postural corrections. Treatment methods such as manual therapy, massage and modalities may also be used to assist in the healing process and development of pain free mobility.

In other cases, where there is a known cause or injury for the foot and ankle pain, our expert physiotherapists will assess for specific muscle, ligament or other soft tissue damage to determine any need for further assessment. If you are unable to weight bear on your leg, you should seek medical attention immediately. If damage appears mild to moderate, research shows that physiotherapy can be helpful in your recovery! Our therapists will educate you on your healing process and work with you to develop a specific rehabilitation plan to progress you back into your pain free lifestyle without risk of re-injury.

As appropriate, our physiotherapist will train you in return to sport, recreational or work activities with special attention to your body mechanics and muscle imbalances to prevent re-injury.