Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a series of gentle muscle strengthening exercises formulated to improve muscle control, flexibility, coordination and balance as well as alignment and breathing.

Clinical Pilates was first developed by physiotherapists and is an adaptation of traditional pilates. The basic ideas of traditional pilates were built on to help devise a program suitable for each individual to help with rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. The main difference between Clinical Pilates and standard pilates is that in Clinical Pilates each client undertakes individual assessments conducted by a trained physiotherapist who then develops an exercise program specifically targeting their problem areas and/or weaknesses (injury prevention), rather than a one-size-fits-all general exercise list.

We use equipment such as reformers and trapeze tables to facilitate activation of the “core” muscles. The emphasis is on control of muscles rather than strength. The physiotherapist will be able teach you the correct techniques for each individual exercise as well as grading the exercises. Some modification of exercises may be made to suit individual needs, as each person’s body and conditions are different.


Clinical Pilates can assist with rehabilitating lower back injuries, improving posture, sports injuries and pregnancy.


Synergy Physiotherapy and Pilates currently offers individual One-on-One Sessions to tailor an individualised program and Group Sessions.

Group Sessions:

  • Maximum 3 participants per class, supervised by a physiotherapist

  • 30 mins in duration

  • Mixture of reformer / equipment pilates and mat pilates 


To join our Pilates program:

  1. Attend an individual Physiotherapy assessment

    • History taking

    • Goal setting

    • Evaluating strengths/weaknesses and biases

  2. One-on-one home program instruction

    • Pilates is about body awareness and should apply to everyday activities

    • Frequency is the key to changing “motor control” (body movement)

  3. 1-3 sessions of One-on-One equipment instruction

    • To trial the exercises and ensure you are confident and competent on doing the exercises set our for you individually.

  4. Attend group classes weekly or fortnightly and perform your individual circuit

    • Small classes that balance appropriate supervision and independence

    • Supervised exercise with explanations and feedback on how to perform correctly

  5. One-on-one Re-Assessment every 8-10 weeks

    • Ongoing review of exercises to ensure challenge and maximise rate of improvement – always pushing to the limit of control and comfort

    • Goal evaluation and re-setting

    • Requirement of private health insurance to maintain personal program


Fees for One-on-One sessions are same as standard physiotherapy consultations. Please speak to our reception staff for our consultation fees. 

The Group Clinical Pilates sessions run for 30 mins each and cost $28 across the board.

Both the One-on-One and Group sessions can be claimed though your Private Health Fund.


Meet Our Clinical Pilates Practitioners

Our strength lies in the talent of our practitioners. We pride ourselves on our professional, caring and friendly services while remaining cost effective and accessible.