Wrist and Hand Pain

The wrist and hand contain many small bones, many joints between those bones, many ligaments holding those joints together, many tendons and muscles to move those joints and multiple nerves to innervate those muscles. So, there are several anatomical parts that can get injured within this area, especially as we use the hand and wrist for a lot of activities throughout the day – you certainly find out how much you use your hand and wrist when you injure it and can’t use it!

As such, it is crucial to determine what structures have been injured or causing you the pain. Do the joints need to be immobilised or released? Do the muscles need to be strengthened or rested? It is crucial to assess and manage injuries to the wrist and hand early and prevent long-term deformity and functional impairment. Returning to work and activity is important to our patients. As such, we at Synergy are determined to make this journey with you, guide you through a thorough and effective rehabilitation program, ensuring your full recovery.