Muscle Strains

Muscle strains commonly occur due to sudden injuries where the muscles were pulled beyond its limits or repetitive activity with poor body mechanics. Muscles strain injuries may progress into an inflammatory response which will include excessive swelling, bruising and pain with mobility. If you find there is a significant muscle bulge and weakness associated with the muscle strain, you should seek medical attention immediately. Regardless of the severity, it important to seek specialised treatment for a muscle strain ASAP to ensure proper healing.

If you think you have a mild to moderate muscle strain, do not worry – IT CAN HEAL! Muscle strains have great blood supply, which is ideal for the healing process.

Our physiotherapists at Synergy are equipped to work with muscle strains. We will assess your joint and surrounding tissues first to determine any need for further assessment. Orthotics, taping and/or bracing may be recommended depending on our findings. Treatment will begin by getting the inflammatory phase under control with the use of hands on techniques and modalities as well as a simple home exercise program for pain free mobility.  Our therapists will educate you on your healing process and work with you to develop a specific rehabilitation plan to progress you back into your pain free lifestyle. Treatment will target increased blood flow to encourage the healing process with progression to a strengthening program as tolerated. A GENTLE stretching and strengthening program is crucial for a full recovery. As appropriate, our physiotherapist will train you in return to sport, recreational or work activities with special attention to your body mechanics and muscle imbalances to prevent re-injury.