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In pain but can’t get to your local physiotherapy clinic due to the self-isolation?


Struggling to come up with an effective exercise program due to closure of gyms and exercise classes? An injury holding you back from doing exercises at home effectively?


We can help.


Physiotherapists have the ability to assess your individual condition and formulate a goal-orientated exercise program to carry out at home. Some of the factors taken into account to formulate your individual program are:-

  • Your specific goals – what are you hoping to get out of the prescribed exercise program? Fitness?  Injury management?

  • Injuries / pain

  • Medical history

  • What equipment you have at your disposal at home

Ordinarily, we would do this via a face to face consult in a clinical setting. However, this may no longer be possible due to lockdowns and restrictions. For those who seek physiotherapy treatments, we can use technology to overcome these barriers.


What is it?

  • A secure consultation using an online video chat platform. You can use your webcam on your desktop computer or laptop, or your smartphone or tablet.


How will it work?

  • Call us to make an appointment or book online - if booking online, please comment "Telehealth" when making the booking.

  • Please send us an email describing your issues such as location, type and severity of pain and what you hope to get out of the consult – your goal.

  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet for the video consult, you will need to download an app called “PhysiApp”. If using the PC / laptop at home, you can just log on at the “PhysiApp” website. On the appointment time, your physiotherapist will initiate a video call through "PhysiApp" which has video call function installed.


What will each consult entail?

  • It will begin just like a normal physiotherapy consult would and the physiotherapist will begin taking an “Subjective Assessment” where they will ask you questions regarding your condition which will go a long way to diagnosing your injuries and or identifying what your specific goals are.

  • An “Objective Assessment” will follow where we look at your movements and conduct applicable tests to confirm the diagnosis or identify your baseline levels - your physiotherapist can instruct you to perform some tests on yourself and still gain valuable information leading to treatment and exercise prescription.

  • Then based upon the findings from the assessment, the physiotherapist can educate you on your condition, identify contributing factors of your issues, teach you self-management strategies and prescribe you exercises to help your rehabilitation and or to achieve your goals.

  • Using the “PhysiApp” platform, an exercise program tailored to your specific needs can be sent to you which comes with thorough instructions and video playback of each exercises. 


Will it work without “hands-on” treatment?

  • There are mounting evidence of research to suggest that online consults without “hands-on” treatment can be just as effective, if not more effective as the traditional physiotherapy face to face consultations – patients can take better ownership of their condition.

  • If the physiotherapist feels that your condition can’t be helped without the “hands-on” approach, your consultation will not go ahead and will not be charged.

Please email or call (07) 3211 8775 for more details.


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