Jaw Pain

Kaitlin Pullen-Cameron

Jaw pain or TMJ (temporomadibular joint) pain can result from an acute episode (eg direct or indirect trauma), or can be gradually caused by prolonged or repetitive postures, clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth.

The jaw joint is the most frequently used joint in the body. The issue can intra-articular (within the joint) causes such as capsule inflammation or intra-articular disc irritation or can be extra-articular (outside of the joint) causes such as muscular spasm of muscles around the jaw.


Symptoms include pain, clicking or clunking and muscular restriction. These common symptoms can vary from being very mild to being severe and can often impact upon eating, speaking and jaw movements. TMJ pain or dysfunction is also associated with neck pain and headaches.

Physiotherapy treatment can assist with improving jaw movement, alleviating pain and optimising joint function. Treatment will be guided by assessment findings and the impact your TMJ pain or dysfunction has on daily life. It will most likely consist of hands on treatment, advice regarding strategies to minimise the impact of your pain and exercises to optimise joint function.



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